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Our Vision is to make Ibis Plaza the first choice for office space.


Our Mission is to provide tenants with

office space solutions and excellence in service throughout their lease term.

Why do we claim we are Easy and Fast?

We have developed a process to make office leasing simple and quick so that you can sign and move-in on the same day.

Why do we say we are Flexible?

The space solutions we offer include the rental of office space, both short and long term. As short as one day or as temporary as a week to as long as 5 years, depending on your needs.

Why are we Affordable?

Our rental rates are extremely competitive because we have streamlined our services to meet the very needs of our tenants. We avoid all the costly bells and whistles of serviced executive office suites. Our conventional office spaces offer tremendous value.

Through our Ibis Venue Center you can also rent Offices, Conference, Training, Meeting and Tutor rooms by the hour, day, week or month.